Specifies the details of a specific occurrence of an offer to provide funding

Child Components

Type Code 0..1
Action Code 0..1
Identifier 0..∞
UUID 0..1
Source Identifier 0..1
Party Identifier 0..1
Identifier Set 0..∞
Related Identifier 0..∞
Payment Amount 0..1
Balance Amount 0..1
Final Amount 0..1
Residual Amount 0..1
Payment Term 0..1
Maturity Date Time 0..1
Financial Party 0..1
Down Payment Amount 0..1
Total Amount 0..1
Payment Authorization 0..1
Credit Rating Code 0..1
Extension 1..1

UML Class Model

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@startuml Financing

class Financing {
    String [[/docs/type-code TypeCode]]
    CodeList [[/docs/action-code ActionCode]]
    String [[/docs/identifier Identifier]]
    String [[/docs/uuid UUID]]
    String [[/docs/source-identifier SourceIdentifier]]
    String [[/docs/party-identifier PartyIdentifier]]
    Number [[/docs/payment-amount PaymentAmount]]
    Number [[/docs/balance-amount BalanceAmount]]
    Number [[/docs/final-amount FinalAmount]]
    Number [[/docs/residual-amount ResidualAmount]]
    TimePoint [[/docs/maturity-date-time MaturityDateTime]]
    Number [[/docs/down-payment-amount DownPaymentAmount]]
    Number [[/docs/total-amount TotalAmount]]
    String [[/docs/credit-rating-code CreditRatingCode]]

class IdentifierSet {
    [[/docs/identifier-set details]]→

class RelatedIdentifier {
    [[/docs/related-identifier details]]→

class PaymentTerm {
    [[/docs/payment-term details]]→

class FinancialParty {
    [[/docs/financial-party details]]→

class PaymentAuthorization {
    [[/docs/payment-authorization details]]→

Financing o-d- "0...∞" IdentifierSet
Financing o-r- "0...∞" RelatedIdentifier
Financing o-u- "0...1" PaymentTerm
Financing o-l- "0...1" FinancialParty
Financing o-d- "0...1" PaymentAuthorization

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Where Used

Following is a list of components that have Financing as a child component.


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