Multiplicity is 1a : the quality or state of being multiple or various. b : the number of components in a system (such as a multiplet or a group of energy levels

Child Components

Type Code 0..1
Action Code 0..1
Identifier 0..∞
UUID 0..1
Source Identifier 0..1
Party Identifier 0..1
Identifier Set 0..∞
Related Identifier 0..∞
Inclusive Indicator 0..1
Start Identifier 0..1
Lower Limit 0..1
Range Count Number 0..1
End Identifier 0..1
Upper Limit 0..1
Extension 1..1

UML Class Model

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@startuml Multiplicity

class Multiplicity {
    String [[/docs/type-code TypeCode]]
    CodeList [[/docs/action-code ActionCode]]
    String [[/docs/identifier Identifier]]
    String [[/docs/uuid UUID]]
    String [[/docs/source-identifier SourceIdentifier]]
    String [[/docs/party-identifier PartyIdentifier]]
    Boolean [[/docs/inclusive-indicator InclusiveIndicator]]
    String [[/docs/start-identifier StartIdentifier]]
    String [[/docs/lower-limit LowerLimit]]
    Number [[/docs/range-count-number RangeCountNumber]]
    String [[/docs/end-identifier EndIdentifier]]
    String [[/docs/upper-limit UpperLimit]]

class IdentifierSet {
    [[/docs/identifier-set details]]→

class RelatedIdentifier {
    [[/docs/related-identifier details]]→

Multiplicity o-d- "0...∞" IdentifierSet
Multiplicity o-r- "0...∞" RelatedIdentifier

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Where Used

Following is a list of components that have Multiplicity as a child component.


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