BOD: Cancel Acknowledge Credit

The purpose of the CancelAcknowledgeCredit is for the order management application to request credit data for a trading partner from the credit management function. The CancelAcknowledgeCredit does not imply any update, it is only an inquiry function. The ShowCredit discussed in the next chapter will be the response back to the order management application.

Discussed in a later chapter is the UpdateCredit. The UpdateCredit may be used in both directions between the order management and the accounts receivable application. Its purpose is to keep order, shipment and open item amounts current. Finally, the ChangeCreditStatus is used to update the order management application with any changes in business status for a particular trading partner.

Child Components

Release Identifier 1..1
Version Identifier 0..1
System Environment Code 0..1
Language Code 0..1
Application Area 1..1
Data Area 1..1
      Cancel Acknowledge 1..1
      Credit 1..∞

Scenarios in which Cancel Acknowledge Credit is used


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