BOD: Cancel Production Order

The purpose of the CancelProductionOrder is to notify a Manufacturing Application of the need to cancel a previous order to make a product in a specific quantity, for a specific need by date. This BOD may be used to cancel an entire Production Order, or a specific line on the production order.

Processing Note:

This cancel must refer to the original document and/or item ordered. To cancel the entire order, include only the Header information for the instance of the Production Order you wish to cancel. To cancel a line or several lines, each line to be cancelled must be included in the request.

Child Components

Release Identifier 1..1
Version Identifier 0..1
System Environment Code 0..1
Language Code 0..1
Application Area 1..1
Data Area 1..1
      Cancel 1..1
      Production Order 1..∞

Scenarios in which Cancel Production Order is used


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