Catalog Party

Identifies the party whose catalog is used to purchase the goods or services.

Child Components

Type Code 0..1
Role 0..1
Action Code 0..1
Identifier 0..∞
Name 0..∞
Account Identifier 0..∞
URI 0..∞
Party Identifier Set 0..∞
Tax Identifier Set 0..∞
Tax Identifier 0..∞
BICID 0..1
CCRID 0..1
Government Issued Party Identifier 0..∞
Language Code 0..1
Signature 0..1
Description 0..∞
Note 0..∞
Location 0..∞
Contact 0..∞
Industry Classification Scheme 0..∞
Security Classification 0..∞
Classification 0..∞
Enterprise Unit 0..∞
Distribution Channel 0..∞
Extension 1..1

UML Class Model

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@startuml CatalogParty

class CatalogParty {
    String [[/docs/type-code TypeCode]]
    String [[/docs/role Role]]
    CodeList [[/docs/action-code ActionCode]]
    String [[/docs/identifier Identifier]]
    String [[/docs/name Name]]
    String [[/docs/account-identifier AccountIdentifier]]
    String [[/docs/uri URI]]
    String [[/docs/tax-identifier TaxIdentifier]]
    String [[/docs/dunsid DUNSID]]
    String [[/docs/cageid CAGEID]]
    String [[/docs/dodaacid DODAACID]]
    String [[/docs/bicid BICID]]
    String [[/docs/scacid SCACID]]
    String [[/docs/ccrid CCRID]]
    String [[/docs/government-issued-party-identifier GovernmentIssuedPartyIdentifier]]
    String [[/docs/language-code LanguageCode]]
    String [[/docs/description Description]]
    String [[/docs/note Note]]

class PartyIdentifierSet {
    [[/docs/party-identifier-set details]]→

class TaxIdentifierSet {
    [[/docs/tax-identifier-set details]]→

class Signature {
    [[/docs/signature details]]→

class Location {
    [[/docs/location details]]→

class Contact {
    [[/docs/contact details]]→

class IndustryClassificationScheme {
    [[/docs/industry-classification-scheme details]]→

class SecurityClassification {
    [[/docs/security-classification details]]→

class Classification {
    [[/docs/classification details]]→

class EnterpriseUnit {
    [[/docs/enterprise-unit details]]→

class DistributionChannel {
    [[/docs/distribution-channel details]]→

CatalogParty o-d- "0...∞" PartyIdentifierSet
CatalogParty o-r- "0...∞" TaxIdentifierSet
CatalogParty o-u- "0...1" Signature
CatalogParty o-l- "0...∞" Location
CatalogParty o-d- "0...∞" Contact
CatalogParty o-u- "0...∞" IndustryClassificationScheme
CatalogParty o-d- "0...∞" SecurityClassification
CatalogParty o-u- "0...∞" Classification
CatalogParty o-d- "0...∞" EnterpriseUnit
CatalogParty o-u- "0...∞" DistributionChannel

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Where Used

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