BOD: Change Move WIP

The purpose of the ChangeMoveWIP is to Change a Manufacturing Application of the progression through the production Changeing steps or operations of a product being made on a production order. The business environments most likely to require this capability are any type of manufacturing scenario.

This BOD communicates which Changeing step the product is coming from and which step it is being moved to, along with the quantity moving and the time this event occurred.

This BOD assumes that the applications involved in this business scenario will have already Changehronized the production item and its BOM/Routing information.

Child Components

Release Identifier 1..1
Version Identifier 0..1
System Environment Code 0..1
Language Code 0..1
Application Area 1..1
Data Area 1..1
      Change 1..1
      Move WIP 1..∞

Scenarios in which Change Move WIP is used


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