BOD: Change Repair Status

The purpose of the SynRepairStatus is to communicate to a business application module or system the need to initiate the creation of a Bill of Material structure.

This BOD may be necessary to address the Make to Order, Assemble to Order, or Mixed Mode business ordering scenarios in a Order Management to Manufacturing application integration scenario.

There are many possible business applications in several environments that may use this capability. For example, an MRP, Inventory, or Manufacturing business application could use this to communicate the requirement to Changehronize a Bill of Material.

Child Components

Release Identifier 1..1
Version Identifier 0..1
System Environment Code 0..1
Language Code 0..1
Application Area 1..1
Data Area 1..1
      Change 1..1
      Repair Status 1..∞

Scenarios in which Change Repair Status is used


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